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Postpartum Update | 4 Months

October 18, 2019

 Here we are everyone, we've made it four months!


By my silence on the blog I'm sure you can tell it's been full on mom life, but if you're missing updates from me, come follow us over on Instagram


To be honest, it's not just that mom life has been busy that's caused my silence. I'm trying to 
figure out where this platform is going and how I can share authentically. 

Let me know in the chat box why you enjoy Equilibrium by Gente and what you want to read and see more of :-) 





I'm back to my pre pregnancy weight- not that this means much to me. My body feels entirely different than it use to, and I haven't been doing much movement (other than almost always carrying around a 7,4kg baby).


My c-section scar is healing well, and though the postpartum 
hair loss is upon us- it's manageable. A fresh haircut helped for this. 


I've been going to the chiropractor again regularly; highly recommend this for mammas. Our bodies belong to a little human now, and that often leaves us in pretty awkward and uncomfortable positions. 

I'm hoping to incorporate more movement from now on- if only for those endorphins which are welcome when you're a bit sleep deprived. least favorite mom topic. 

No, Lyla is not sleeping through. And that is okay. I never had expectations of this, so I have coped well. Some nights are better than others, but I trust myself and Lyla's connection- we are finding our flow. 

We are still happily exclusively breastfeeding, something I'm grateful for.

It is tiring being so needed though, emotionally maybe more than physically even. So, patience and presence is a big theme for us right now. 


Mental health:


I am grateful to say that not too many tears have been shed, but my patience can run out and I do feel terribly agitated sometimes. This is human. The load you carry as a mom is inexplicable. I honestly do not know how moms work too, seriously, I bow to you goddesses. 


My mental health, aka anxiety levels and self esteem, has been challenged by comparison to other moms. For me, it's hard not to let these things get to me sometimes. But I remind myself that we are all on different paths, we all have different personalities and so do our babies. Life is not simple, and one way will not work for us all. 


Deep breathing and gratitude for where we are at and appreciation for 
what we have found to work for us gets me through the tough times. 


Judgement- I try particularly hard not to judge any mom for any of her choices, and I'd hope moms do that for me too. Motherhood is not easy and there are a million opinions on how you should do it. Which one can possibly be the right one


Who knows. 


This is where my intuition comes in. And where yours should come in. And they will probably come up with different answers and 
that's perfect. 


I'll listen to mine, you listen to yours. 


Ps if you're struggling to hear your intuition, I think you'll benefit greatly from trying some practices to get in touch with it. 


Gut feels for the win!


In the last week we have also gone for a birthing trauma release ritual at Nourish'd hosted by Tash and Gayle, that did my soul so much good. So big gratitude for the beautiful people helping moms on all levels of this journey. groups! Good for the soul. Find one you can join, go see some other crazy babies and have a chat with the moms :-) 


What else? 


I am beyond grateful for being a stay at home mom right now, this time with Lyla is so special, and I remind myself of this daily. To be present and enjoy this time- the good and the bad times. 

Thank you to hubby for being the best dad and the best husband. Our family is bringing me so 
much joy. 


I have a lot on my mind, there is an array of topics that I'm feeling deeply- but I'm not sure how to articulate it all yet, so let's leave the deep stuff for another post ;-) 





Love always,













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