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Monday Motivation

May 28, 2018










When Sunday starts sliding into sunset and you can see Monday ahead of you, it's normal to feel a bit anxious, and maybe not so keen. 


How can we make it better?




1. Take time to prepare for your Monday. 

I know it seems like a drag to even give Monday any energy on a Sunday, but, it's such a drag to suddenly face Monday and feel out of control and like you're trying to catch up. 


2. Start Monday with a bang and a workout 

I like to think that when we start something with a good and powerful intention, it's easier for that energy to flow into the rest of the week. That being said- don't be too hard on yourself if you don't tick this one. Every day is still a new start. 


3. Nourish to win

Let's not forget that what we put in, we get out. Eat with love, follow your 
intuition, and give your body what it's asking for. 


Lastly, for today:

I mean it!!

I have a feeling that we often don't want to face a Monday and our lives at work/college etc., because somehow we don't feel good enough being who we are, and showing up comfortably as ourselves. So- I'm just hear to say, it's okay to be who you are. The world needs you to be who you are. 

Now, go kick this new weeks ass! 


Love always,






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