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Slow Down, Pay Attention.

May 25, 2018








This is just quick check in post to make sure you beautiful people are breathing deeply, even when the shit is hitting the fan, and grounding yourselves, even when it feels like it's all against you.  







Driving and being in traffic is a space where I often notice how people are disconnected from themselves, and from what is going on around them. When I'm driving I often hear myself saying "slow down, pay attention" to other people on the road, but people are frantically going back and forth, mindlessly. 


This doesn't just happen when we are in our cars, it happens in everything we do, and it especially affects how we show up in our relationships. 

When you see your colleagues, friends, and loved ones, do you notice them and pick up what they're feeling? Or are you not really there, missing out on important information? 


This is something that happens to me too, and when I'm not slowing down and paying attention, I feel an absolute lack of joy in my life. Simply because I'm not going at a pace where I can appreciate the joys that are present. 

 What is stopping you from slowing down and paying attention? 

This is an important starting point, as we cannot attempt to fix something without understanding the root of the problem.  I suggest you take some time to journal, type on your phone, or whatever you prefer, to think about why you're moving through life too quickly, and without caring attention. 


I'll share my reason to inspire some thoughts. When I find myself moving too quickly, it is because I have a low self-esteem and I am unwilling to face myself and notice myself in that moment in time. It seems easier to disconnect from myself and others, and not face what I am going through. 



Now what? 

Nothing new that I haven't covered in my other posts really. 

Breathe, ground, bring yourself back to your body, affirm your worth (even when you're feeling low), look yourself in the mirror and say you love and  ap

prove of yourself, constantly remind yourself to slow down and pay attention- you deserve this care, and those around you deserve this care. 

Still struggling and need to talk to someone? Message me in the box to your left, and leave me your email so I can get back to you. 


Love always,











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