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How To Cope

March 4, 2018




My main focus in life is not merely to cope, but to thrive. However, life sometimes gets to these stages where it just feels like there is a lot going on, and the best we can do in that moment is cope, and not fall apart. 

These are my tips for those moments. 




1. Breathe

Breathing is useful for many reasons. Firstly, it keeps us alive, a vital part of coping.

Now that that's out the way, breathing grounds us back into the moment. When we are feeling overwhelmed and we take a moment to find our breath, we allow ourselves to find the "ease in the effort". This is a saying I first heard from Kait Hurley. When we breathe, we slow down what's happening and allow our body and mind to process and deal with the stress we are experiencing. 


2. Do what's the easiest first. 

This is counteractive to what I've heard elsewhere. I've heard that to complete what's most important first is best, but I often find that what's most important is the most difficult. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, I definitely don't feel like jumping into the most difficult task. When I start with the easiest task, it is less 
overwhelming, it's easier to complete, and once I've completed it the feelings of accomplishment motivate me to move onto the next thing on the list. 


3. Find joy in something

Without feeling guilty. I know your to-do-list is long, but if you're in a funk, just take some time to do something that brings you joy. Cook something, take yourself for a coffee, watch a funny show, meet a friend, whatever floats your boat. Just laugh, or smile, or feel happy for a minute in the chaos. You are so worth it, even in the most difficult moments. 


4. Think of your "why"

Just take a minute to assess why you need to do the things on your list, even if an individual task doesn't seem to have significance, chances are it still feeds into a bigger picture, a bigger picture that we chose to be a part of. See purpose in what you have to do. 

Sidenote- if you can't think of a good "why" for anything on your list, I think it's time to reassess where you're at right now. You deserve a "why" that doesn't suck. 


5. Be honest 

I think this one is important. It requires some bravery and 

If you're not coping, and you're not going to get something done in time, tell whomever is involved that you are overwhelmed, and that you need some time, and some help. 

It is okay to need help, and it is okay not to be perfectly on time all the time. Don't be too hard on yourself. 


if you're not coping, and you need to talk to someone, leave me a message in the box to the left. Let's chat!


6. Make peace, and get shit done. 

If all else fails, sit yourself down and give yourself this pep talk:

"Sometimes in life, I am going to need to get some stuff done that I am not in the mood for.That is okay. I don't have to be in the mood all day, everyday. But I am still capable of getting shit done. And now, I will stop reading blogs and scrolling through Instagram, and go do something on my checklist. Why? Because, I don't want to have nightmares and anxiety attacks about this". 



Good luck with the week ahead, I believe in you!


Love always, 








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