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Becoming Engaged

October 1, 2017







I swore that I would never get many probably did while they were rebelling against society and it's norms. Yet, here I am- joining a large group of people who have promised to love the same person for the rest of our lives.








One would think that a pretty ring and a big question can't change much of how things already are, but I've had some internal shifts already. And let me clear- you by no means need any of those two to go through these shifts. 


I titled this post "becoming engaged" and not "getting engaged" for a reason. 


The reason being, that the shift I've had is to be engaged in my own life. To fully engage with every activity, every thought, every emotion that I go through. Not to mindlessly keep floating through this life, that at the end of the day is an absolute f****** miracle!    





I've been the person who looks at peoples engagement photos and thinks- ugh, cliché. And I've even felt slightly ashamed for going against my original decision not to get married, because I felt like I was 
giving in to this life that everyone is living.






But as my dear friend pointed out to me, to have found someone that you love so much you're willing to give up all others for that person- that is freaking amazing, and special, and something to be grateful for if you can get it in this life time. If it is part of your journey- you may fully engage with this new chapter, and enjoy the hell out of it! 


What I'm really saying is this- wether you are in a relationship, or fabulously single, or lonely and single, or lonely and in a relationship- you have power. You have the power to say yes to that chapter, or you can so no. But decide on something that makes you want to engage with your life. Because we're not here to be mindless robots- we are here to experience and learn, and take it all in. 


Love always, 



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