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Self-Love Wednesday > Having A Mindful Period

September 13, 2017
















As I've been going down the road of radical, yet gentle, self-discovery and self-love, my period is one of the major parts that I had to learn to look at, and love, in a different way. 

I'm going to call it a mindful way. 






I don't know about you, but I have a list of times in my life where I felt like my period "ruined" the moment for me. I certainly felt, and said, many a time that my period had the worst timing ever, and for years of my life I was hating those six days of every month- and hating, as we know;-), is not good energy! 


It didn't start with me changing my mind about my period, rather, it started with me keeping a journal about, being aware of, and tuning into the moon cycle. And somehow the link just happened naturally, I started to tune into my menstrual cycle. Actually paying attention to when it was happening, how I felt when it was happening, what I was eating, how my flow was- and most importantly, being 
absolutely grateful for this miraculous and strange thing that happens every month, this gorgeous cycle that allows me some time to just chill and allow my body to rest for at least a day. And a cycle that will one day allow me to have a baby, another miracle. 



So, How To Be Mindful On Your Period:


1.  Keep track of your cycle- out of love for knowing and understanding your body, not out of fear of pregnancy or anything else. 


2. Take some time out- Don't feel guilty. If you can, try to take at least one of the days in your period off to rest and love yourself up. 


3.Try natural products - I'm currently using cotton/material pads from Charlie Banana, honestly- it's so comfy and my vagina is just 100 times happier. There is also the moon cup, which I haven't tried yet but have heard good things about. Not only is this great for your lady bits, but also for the environment.   


4. Show gratitude- When your period comes, instead of going "ugh, you again", try going "hey you, welcome back, thanks for doing your thing!". Do a little ritual to celebrate your body, light a candle, watch a movie, anything you like:-) 


All that being said- I know it's not easy, I know it can be painful, I know it can feel like it's bad timing, I know we get pimples, and gain some weight and all that jazz. But it's a part of life, another crazy and beautiful part!


Have a happy period ladies!! ;-)


Love always,






































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