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How Do You Feel About Yourself?

July 13, 2017








There's a shadow side to us all, a side we so love to leave in the dark, to pretend it isn't there, to hate when we're alone. 


But- the person being harmed by this shadow side is you.  




How have you been feeling about yourself? 


Not when you're in the world with your pretend face, pretty clothes and made-up face. 

How have you been feeling in your own company, in your sweats, with no make-up?

If you go stand in front of the mirror right now- staring at the reflection of yourself- how do you feel? What are you saying to yourself? 


I haven't been feeling so good. 

I haven't been thinking loving thoughts, I haven't been saying loving things, and I haven't been acting in a loving way. 


We can go off on a tangent about where our low self-esteem and negative thought patterns come from etc. etc., we can find people and situations to blame, we can make excuses for why we aren't feeling and doing better in life.




We can make a choice. We can take responsibility for our emotions and our actions. 


I know this is not easy. Feeling pity for ourselves and criticizing ourselves just seems like the easier option. Loving and accepting ourselves seems nearly impossible. 


But I've been thinking about it- all the loving people who I am close to, like my boyfriend, my family, my friends, my mentors- they all love and accept me. All the people I value can love and accept me. 


So why on earth wouldn't I love and accept myself??


I don't know. 


But I don't want to feel like shit about myself anymore. I don't want to look in the mirror and say nasty things, I don't want to to have hateful thoughts, I don't want to try on clothes and criticize myself and compare myself to others.


I am so ready to love myself, to feel comfortable in my skin, to let my gratitude and content from within shine the most beautiful light through my face. 






I am ready to take responsibility for how I feel about myself. 


Are you?? 





**Let me know :-)

Love always, 





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