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Do It Anyway

June 29, 2017





I've been living out of fear for a long time. 


But now it's time for LOVE. 




What have you been putting off, because you are feeling scared? 


I think it's time to take a brave step 
forward, and do it anyway


Feeling nervous about talking to someone about something? Do it anyway

Are you scared to say no, or yes, for that matter? Do it anyway.

Are you scared of what people will say and think? Do it anyway.  

What if you fail? Do it anyway

What if it doesn't turn out like you thought it would? Do it anyway

What if they laugh? Do it anyway

It's gonna be a big stupid mess. Do it anyway


Do it anyway 


Because the truth is- you can never know how it will really turn out, and you can never control how other people will or will not react to you. But you can control you, and you can go ahead and do it anyway, you can try. You can take a big loving step forward and take a chance. 


So the next time your feeling scared, take a deep loving breath, and-

do it anyway


You've got this!



Love always, 



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