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Plants & Crystals- My Ritual

June 27, 2017









My absolute favorite ritual--> 

caring for my plants and crystals



**This is my chance to put love into something that makes me truly happy.  





As we all know, life is crazy, and it certainly feels like there is a lot of crazy shit happening in the world right now. Whenever I step out of the house I feel intense and frazzled energy- and walking back into my home often feels like the only space I can feel truly sane and held. 


At least once a week I rearrange my crystals and move the plants to and fro. 


This helps ground me when I get home- I get to really arrive into my own space again, let go of any negativity and be present in the moment. This is also great for my relationship, because I get to interact consciously with my love.  


Although it grounds me, it creates some movement in the house and gets rid of any stagnating energy. 



Grounding - Imagine roots coming out the soles of your feet, digging deep into mother earth. Feel a reassuring heaviness pulling you into the present moment. This helps get us out of our head and away from the frazzled overthinking that's happening most of the time.

How do you settle yourself? Do you like plants and crystals in your space? 

**Let me know in the chat box to your left :-)


Love always, 





































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