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Postpartum Update | 6 Weeks

Okay, so this was meant to be the 6 week catch up, but baby 'n all...we are now at 7 weeks as I'm typing this.

Wow, what a journey it has been. The time has flown, and yet the days can feel impossibly long.

Let's dive in...


The first few days were wild after the c-section, I could barely walk, getting up or sitting down was painful and uncomfortable, and I was constantly feeling loopy due to the pain meds. Thankfully I could just lie in bed for three days, and baby girl just slept on me and fed, and Craig would hold her and walk with her if she needed. By the time we left the hospital I could walk, but everything felt pretty strange. Like my guts weren't really back in place.

Finally home, and the pain of the scar became quite annoying. Not the ideal thing or location to deal with when you have a newborn that wants to be carried and swayed around. I often felt defeated, wanting to carry her around, but my body saying 'no can do, that hurts'.

My bleeding continued for the full six weeks, it wasn't bad. Us ladies are use to it after all:-) I did have two occasions where I had huge gushes of blood that soaked my pants, it was terrifying- both times I had Lyla and couldn't just run and take care of myself. Not my most glamorous moments, but luckily that passed.

So, where are we now?

Feeling pretty good. I had no issues with my scar, it's healing nicely. My body feels stronger, I've done a few random exercises every other day.

The reality?

My ass is flat and I have a soft squishy stomach, all of which are perfectly okay. I still feel so amazed by my body, and more confident than ever before. I'm amazed at how stomach stretched to accommodate our baby, and somehow it's almost back to normal. Miraculous.


My breastfeeding journey has been positive. I don't say easy, because having your body so available to someone all the time is not easy, even if you're not struggling with any array of issues.

I'm grateful Lyla and I have been on the same page, and that this time together has been positive. I have cut out dairy, and this has eased up a lot of Lyla's reflux and cramping discomfort.

I appreciate every day (more than ever). Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Mental health:

Becoming a parent is a major adjustment. You soon realize how your mindset needs to change completely, and that you will be pushed to your limits, and you must rise to the occasion.

At the 3-4 week mark I was feeling more emotional, tired, and agitated. Thankfully it became better, and now I feel more attuned to Lyla and myself in a patient and present manner.

This doesn't mean we don't have our off moments or days. It's easy to feel agitated and impatient with her sometimes if I'm not in a good space. This is a real growth spurt for me then (not only babies have them;-)), where I take deep breaths and remind myself to be gentle, and respond, rather than react from an overly tired and emotional space.

Staying hydrated and well fed makes a major difference in how I'm feeling, so I try to prep these things and make them a priority daily.

I've also noticed a difference in the days I drink my placenta capsules and the days I forget to. When I drink them I am more energetic and generally feeling more positive. Highly recommend doing this for yourself.

Interacting with moms going through similar phases is a life saver- WhatsApp groups, Facebook and Instagram pages sharing honest content has been so refreshing.

Listening to Podcasts and Audible as well.

My faves right now:

Facebook: Tulani - Postpartum Care Services

Slow Postpartum

Instagram: @t.h.e.n.e.w.n.o.r.m.a.l






Podcasts: Voices Of Your Village Podcast

Audible: The Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabary

Lastly, keeping up with my gratitude practice every day helps keep me sane and grounded. I normally do it in the morning with Lyla when I dress her :-)

What else?

What's coming up for me about this postpartum period is overthinking, self-judgement and judgment of your baby, and information overload.

Dealing with all the above mentioned is so challenging, every day I read or hear something new and my head goes in a bit of a spin, I start comparing myself to other moms, and my baby to other babies, then I start looking for answers that takes me down a rabbit hole. It's exhausting and makes me feel like I'm lacking.

Thankfully, I have wonderful people in my life who remind me that we're doing great and that everything is okay. New moms need these reminders!

So we breathe deeply and move on.

That doesn't mean this space doesn't get entered again, it is a back and forth, and as baby girl changes there are new things we're trying to figure out, so you seek answers again.

It's finding a balance between healthy and helpful information, and information that's not doing anything for you.

But no matter how challenging the moment, I try to look into her eyes and connect and stay present with the challenge and find our way through it.

I mean look at that face?!

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Love always,