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Reflecting On Our Wedding Weekend

On Friday the 21st of September we packed our cars to the brim with all things wedding, and off we went. It felt surreal that the big weekend had finally arrived, and my stomach was filled with butterflies of excitement and nerves.

As our family and friends started arriving for their stay at the venue, I became more and more relaxed, the nerves subsided and I was just ecstatic to finally spend quality time with the people we love most, and then marry my Portman.

From a social and party point of view, the wedding was an absolute blast. It went off without a hitch, and I feel deeply grateful for the effort we put into it, and for the help and love we received from every person involved in the wedding. Our band, Nomadic Orchestra, was an absolute high point for me, I danced my ass off and the blisters were absolutely worth it!

From the marrying someone side of things- absolute bliss. It goes quickly, and feels like a blur, I don't even remember saying the vows, but there was a beautiful shift between us. Life goes on now, almost exactly the same as before, yet it feels entirely different knowing what commitment we've made to each other.

I look forward to every adventure that now lies ahead for us, with a grateful and courageous heart.

Venue: Old Mac Daddy, Elgin.

Dress: Spell Bride

Rings: Dear Rae

Photographer: Lindie Wilton

Band: Nomadic Orchestra

Decor & Flowers: My amazing aunt :-)

Love always,

Gente xx