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The Importance Of Healing

This past weekend I completed my final module of the energy healing course I have been attending. It was a weekend of amazing healing and learning.

I received answers and healing for patterns and behaviors I have been a "slave" to for most of my life, and it left me feeling empowered.

I felt empowered knowing that my healing can give closure to some issues in my family lineage through ancestral work.

I felt empowered knowing that my healing has resolved issues that my future generations won't have to carry.

I felt empowered knowing that my healing is helping me relate in a more true and loving way to everyone I interact with, close to me, and not close to me.

I felt empowered knowing that I didn't turn a blind eye or allocate blame, but that I took the responsibility to do the healing.

I felt empowered by the insight healing has offered me- not only in my own world, but in the world of others.

I felt empowered by the love and magic that is available to us, if we're only willing to accept it and receive what it has to offer.

Healing ourselves is immensely important.

It is a journey that shall be embarked on with an open heart, a journey that may bring pain through facing our shadows, but a journey that brings us to the light side, if we keep moving bravely through it.

It is a journey that, even though we need to take responsibility, we are not alone on.

It is a journey filled with people ready to lovingly guide you, assist you, and inspire you.

It is a journey that does not only effect your wellbeing, but the wellbeing of us all.

As we learn to forgive ourselves and others on this journey, we allow an influx of love to fill all the spaces we move in.

And love, is a beautiful thing.


What is stopping you from embarking on your healing journey?


Reach out to me, or any other energy healers you know of, and take it for a test ride.

You are worthy of love and healing.

Love always,