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How To Deal With The Unexpected

We can plan all we want, but things don't always go to plan.

Even if we wake up with the best attitude, do our morning meditation, set a beautiful intention for the day, life can still change the plans and offer us something unexpected.

When this happens it's normal to feel startled and uncertain, as well as anxious.

Last Monday morning I woke up feeling fresh and ready for the day, and by 3pm I was crying, angry and feeling a bit hopeless. I calmed down eventually, and had to remind myself of some things that I had conveniently forgotten. So I thought I'd share with you.

How To Deal With The Unexpected:

1. Cry If You Want To

Seriously, in that instance where you feel absolutely overwhelmed and caught off guard, a good cry can release that stress and just make you feel a bit lighter. Go for it.

2. Then, Breathe Deeply.

Deep breath in, and let it out. Deep breath in, and let it out.

Keep going ;-)

3. Process Through Writing

Keep a journal close by, or use the notes app on your phone, and just take a moment to jot down what feelings and thoughts came up when the unexpected hit. Processing helps to ease our mind.

4. Check Your Boundaries, Speak Up.

It is likely that when the unexpected pops up and we have a strong reaction to it, it's because it's really pushing one of our boundaries. Check in with yourself on this, and if you do feel a boundary has been overstepped, speak up.

5. Expect Something Wonderful And Perfect

In frazzled moments it's especially hard to remember that things always work out, that everything is perfect, that everything happens for a reason, and all that other beautiful stuff ;-) So, I trust that by the time you've made it through nr 1-4 you can trust that everything is okay, and trust that you'll receive exactly what you need from the unexpected.

Lastly, we cannot undo anything, so accept what has happened, and take it on like a boss.

Love always,