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5 Things To Love Right Now

In the spirit of committing myself to the blog more,

and to inspire myself, and you,

I've made a quick list of five things that

I am loving right now.

You might not love it, but hey, give it a go ;-)

You might just get into it.

1. Get into it

Do something cool; go for a crystal reading, draw some gaia oracle cards, journal, have open minded chats, learn to trust your intuition and all the messages you're receiving throughout life. It's magical.

2. Check out @mikiash

Not only does she have an absolutely beautiful Instagram feed, her website lovemikiash is gorgeous and has some beautiful guided meditations. I've been loving doing them in the mornings and evenings. Especially the financial abundance one, getting over some stories of lack for myself.

3. LEAF TV #WakeUpWith

I really enjoyed watching this playlist, seeing some 'tastemakers' morning routines and learning some new things. A big take away for me was that there are many philosophies, and to listen, but then pick what feels right for you, not just pick something because someone said it's the right way.

4. Check out @girlwithabum aka Jenna

Absolutely gorgeous feed and inspiring stories too. Jenna makes me feel like just putting that extra effort in and making something cool. Also, she has beautiful art. I'm expecting my print of the female figure seen on the left to come this week. Yay!! Go give her some love :-)

5. Podcasts

Jip, still love them. I don't always agree with everything I'm listening to, but I am listening to broaden my knowledge and perspectives, not only to affirm what I know.

Currently loving:

Worklife by Adam Grant (A podcast by TED)

Real Talk Radio by Nicole Antoinette

Hope you guys enjoy that, let me know how it goes, and come give me some love on Instagram and Facebook :-)

Love always,