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How To Honor Yourself

This is my attempt to inspire you to honor yourself more.

Are you willing to open yourself to 'hear' what I have to say?

Let's see.

I know that honoring who we are and what we need is no easy feat.

I know that the reasons we don't do what we need to do are dug deep inside and have many layers of complexity.

I know that we begin, but don't finish.

I know that we feel blocked, held back, angry, sad, unworthy,

I know it's hard.

I know it is.

I like to think that the difficulty is not in the tasks we know is good for us to do like meditate, move, eat nourishing food, be present, or whatever suits you.

I think the difficulty is in the choice.

It is in making a choice, for ourselves, out of absolute love.

It's not an easy choice to make, because somewhere along the way we picked up on this idea that we are just not good enough.

And so, we do not love ourselves.

And because we do not love ourselves, we cannot make choices from a loving space.

And we struggle to honor ourselves.

We struggle to do what we want, and be who we want to be.

And, we think that getting everyone else to love and accept us will be easier than loving and accepting ourselves.

Something shifted inside me, and for the past few months I have felt great acceptance and love towards myself.

Here are my tips for starting the shift:

1. Stop focusing on everyone else.

You don't even have to focus on yourself yet, just stop focusing on everyone else.

At first you feel a bit disconnected, but just stop paying so much attention to everyone else. Keep your head down. Don't seek judgement and opportunities for comparison.

It's not serving you, and it's not serving them.

Read a book, listen to audible, keep your mind busy with things other than observing everyone around you, and everyone on social media.

2. Say loving things to yourself in the mirror, and if you can't, avoid the mirror.

For about a month I was not even in a space where I could look in the mirror and say loving things to myself without letting my skin picking immediately take over. So, I avoided the mirror. I avoided looking at a reflection of myself in the mirror, a reflection that was not making me feel good.

So I did the affirmations without having to face myself.

Now I can do it while looking myself in the eyes.

And I feel much more love towards myself already.

3. Meditate

Okay Okay, I know.

That's everyones answer to everything.

It even feels like a cliché that one wants to avoid.

But, please don't.

It's taken me years and years of 'knowing' before 'doing', and now that I'm doing it, I feel sad I waited so long.

My anxiety and worry levels have shifted from just ten minutes of meditation every day.

When we are less anxious and worrisome, we give ourselves a second longer to react to things, and that reaction turns out to be significantly different to what it could have been.

We react towards ourselves with compassion and not hate.

And when our compassion grows, our self love can grow, and then we can finally become our own friends.

Why wouldn't we want that?

4. Seek help

It is not easy to take this step. I'm a psychology student and it's taken me three years to build up the courage to go see a psychologist for my own challenges.

So if you're not ready, don't beat yourself up. But just know that it is an option, whenever you are ready for another step, this is a step that you can take.

Personally, this has changed so much for me.

We shouldn't be afraid to ask for help and guidance when we are stuck.

We deserve a helping hand, and there are people who are so willing to give that helping hand.

Okay, so, what is stopping you from honoring yourself, what are you finding hard?

Please leave me a message in the chat box to the left.

More tips coming soon:-)

Love always,



PS Amazing photos by Lindie Wilton