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Life Continues...

Welcome to the year of 2018 my loves.

As much as I believe that this year is going to be a fantastic one, and as much as I am setting beautiful intentions and working on manifesting lovely things, I cannot foresee what will happen.

After binge watching Vikings this holiday I'll say this:

My life is in the fate of the gods.

No particular gods, but the belief that there are beautiful powers and plans somewhere in all the galaxies.

The truth is, I cannot know that what this year will hold and what life will offer me. I cannot know that I'll live to the end of it, or that I won't become ill, or that I won't lose someone I love.

These things happen every day to people, how can I know it will not happen to me?

Which is why the only intention I have for this year is to be present for all of it.

The amazing, the good, the mundane, the bad, the horrible.

I am willing to accept my fate.

And take it from there.

Love always,