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Self-Love And Gratitude- For Our Wellbeing

I know many of us have seen, or heard of, the experiment where they tested the frequency of water when saying loving things versus saying hateful things. Or doing the same experiment to plants.

Well, love wins the battle.

So, have you been doing this for your body?

I haven't been following through on this.

Isn't it funny, and um sad, that often we have all this knowledge and even wisdom about how to live our most amazing lives, yet we don't do the things we need to do?

I absolutely know and entirely believe what enormous power my words and thoughts have on my body, and I still find myself getting caught in these unhealthy patterns of bringing myself down, criticizing my body, not thanking it for all it does for me, not sending it love, not exercising, not nourishing it.

Now, if you've had a realization just now, please take it on with love before we move on. Hold it with peace and a loving gratitude, don't beat yourself up for not doing the good stuff. That won't help us either.

The focus of this blog post is not to get into what we're eating, how we're sleeping, or how we're supplementing and medicating ourselves. The focus of this blog post is on our thoughts and our words.

We are now creating space every day to say very nice things to ourselves, and to make sure we are saying it to every single cell in our body.

Exercises to try:

|1| This is an easy one- "I SEND LOVE TO EVERY CELL IN MY BODY". I am trying to do this at least every morning when I wake for a few minutes, and every night before I go to sleep. Say it at least three times for a powerful impact.

|2| Love and gratitude to your body- Whenever you have a chance, go through your body parts or your organs, and say to each "I love you and I thank you".

|3| Read this to yourself every day, or download the pdf here:

All credit for this piece goes to Marie-Anne Passchier-Sassen.

|4| Take time to do things that fill you up.

Let me know how it goes!

And share any tips you have, or email it on to a friend who needs this too.

Love always,