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Stop Procrastinating: Advice From A Procrastinator


My name is Gente,

and I,

am a procrastinator.

I can flutter around in my space like a fairy; moving crystals around, lighting incense, drinking coffee, playing with the dogs, laying and thinking for what seems like an eternity. Sometimes a whole day passes that I catch myself not doing anything significant.

Now- this is necessary too sometimes, if there's nothing pressing you need to do, it's magical to just be.

But- when there are things to be done, and that happens often, they need to be done.

Here is my attempt in changing my procrastinating ways, to productive and loving acts of gratitude. Doing what I need to do, and feeling so lucky and thankful that I have something to do. And, when there is nothing to do, we have the awesome opportunity to make and do something new, something we truly want.

So, my steps to combat procrastination:

1. Just Do It, like right now: You know that mail that just dropped in your inbox, that you need to print or reply to? Well, instead of looking at it and thinking "later", press reply, or press print. And get that shit done! Boom!

2. Gratitude: More often than not I leave my assignments from college to the very last minute, as if it's the worst thing to do in the whole world. But you know what? There are much too many who do not have the chance to get close to getting an education, who don't get to do what they love, who haven't even learnt the basics. It is an honor to be able to study- and when I realize that, I am more than happy to invest my time into writing assignments. You can apply this to almost anything. Use it!!

3. For Your Own Health: I don't know about you, but I've used the excuse that I work well under pressure for almost every procrastinating situation. It's lame. What I have been doing well in this all is creating unnecessary anxiety, pimples on my face, bad moods around the ones I love, and stress headaches. Fun? Nope. So, make the loving choice to plan a bit better, so that you can feel a bit better.

Awesome pic from @gratitude_project

Good luck to me on this journey, and good luck to you too! You are worth a healthy and empowering change.

What are some of your tips to combat procrastinating?

Love always,