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Self-Love Wednesday - Getting To Know YOU

Happy Self-Love Wednesday my darlings!

This week I had a coffee date with a dear friend, and through conversation I learnt something important about myself and my journey, another piece of who I am, and that's what has prompted todays topic.

Let's delve in.

The radical journey of self-discovery is both empowering and torturous: Getting to know ourselves, our actions, our feelings and our belief systems frees us deeply. Yet, we also learn what our challenges will be, and often we are unwilling to accept these parts of us, or to accept the challenge we need to pass.

I'll share:

I am an absolute introvert, I've been at peace with this, and I truly accept and I know this part of me. But the realization I had, and one that I had been avoiding, is that I also struggle with social anxiety. This goes beyond my introverted self enjoying alone time on the couch with my dogs. This means that when I am around people I quite literally feel like crying, grabbing my bag and running for the door to escape.

This is my challenge.

If I want to help people along the path of self-discovery and self-love, I need to fully discover this part of me and learn to love and work with it. So, I've accepted the challenge to put myself out there, to challenge this anxiety, to interact more, to integrate more.

In just one day, having accepted this challenge and understanding that it is part of my journey, I feel empowered. I feel another step closer to myself.

And this is what self-discovery gets us.

So, for this beautiful days self-love challenge, let's get to know ourselves.


We'll start with a simple step for today.

Jot down (yes, jot down) something you notice about yourself today.

Don't stress it need only be a word, you don't need to turn into an avid journal writer if that's not your style.

So, question what you think, feel and do today.

If you feel some anger or excitement come up when someone says something to you, jot it down.

Ask yourself why. Why did that make you feel this why. Is it a part of you that you are aware of, or did you just learn a new nugget of information about yourself?

Pay attention today, to you.

Get one step closer to you.

You Are Worthy.

Astrological After Note: Today is a new moon in Virgo, a powerful energy to tune into your daily habits, and how you've been moving in this world, how you have been being you. Harness this energy by grounding today, tuning into what you're doing, and setting beautiful intention to change any ways or habits that are no longer serving you. Set the intention to move closer to who you really are and who you want to be in this world.

Struggling with this? Chat with me in the box to your left, I would love to walk alongside you.

Love always,



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