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What's Your Vibe?

What is your vibe saying about you?

Do you have power over your vibe?

Do you leave people feeling elated or dampened?

Hey there beautiful soulful lovelies!! A very happy Sunday to you all- I hope you are taking part in #selfcaresunday and doing something loving and special for yourselves today <3

I've spent the morning slowly waking up, being blessed with coffee and brekkie in bed, and then rolling out of bed to take Dixie for a walk and bask in the sun while sipping on my second coffee and listening to Ruby Warrington's 'Material Girl, Mystical World' book on Audible. I highly suggest it;-)

Then I came home to some work for college, with a sneaky Pinterest session on the side, and I came across this:

It struck a cord with me, because I have been 'working on' taking responsibility for how I am showing up in the world everyday, holding myself accountable rather than all the external stimuli I could find to blame, which really gets my personal growth absolutely nowhere.

Not only is this practice empowering for myself, but it can have an effect on the people I come into contact with: it leaves them feeling something good, or it leaves them feeling something bad. And we have a choice in how we show up, we can take responsibility for what kind of energy we are carrying around with us, and spreading around.

That being said- it doesn't mean that it is our job to leave people feeling good, because they also have a responsibility for their own energy, and based on their journey and lessons they need to learn, feelings can come up that they need to deal with and this may not always feel good and easy. My point being- we evoke emotions from each other, and often there are lessons in these emotions. So notice it, and respond accordingly. Again, take responsibility.

I'll leave you with that for now.

When you feel something today- before you try to pinpoint that feeling to someone or something, think about the part you have to play, and then take responsibility for what you're feeling. And if you don't want to, then by all means, change your feeling. Change your vibe.

You are this goddamn powerful.

You are.

Love always,



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