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Currently Exploring: Astrology and Tarot

**"Currently Exploring" means I have some curiosity about a topic and I am learning some more about it and seeing if it resonates with me. I'm not building a church on anything and I'm not saying you need to get into anything, but if something resonates with you, or you're feeling curious, then explore it and see what you find :-)

If you're on Instagram or in certain circles, I'm sure you've read or heard stuff like "Oh it's the full moon, my energies are crazy", and I've said this myself, but not knowingly, and not with a true understanding or awareness about anything.

This past Monday and Tuesday, my mood was just horrid and I was inexplicably tired and miserable. I had no idea what was going on. On Wednesday, I happened to come across a podcast, and had the biggest ah-ha moment as Lindsay was talking about the moon and planet cycles, and the tarot cards she had drawn for the month of August- suddenly my emotions and physical ailments made complete sense to me! And I felt relieved having some light shed on the issues at hand. You can find Lindsay's podcast on iTunes: Tarot for the Wild Soul by Lindsay Mack.

There is still so much I don't understand about astrology and tarot, and I don't think I want to learn all the details, but just having an awareness around the moon cycle, and knowing when to be gentle with myself, I believe will make a subtle but beautiful change.

I'm journaling all about it at the moment, and keeping track of how I feel with the different moon phases. I'm also being more gentle with myself, for example not making major plans close to the full moon, but rather more relaxed evenings at home. I'm also being more present around my interaction with people around the full moon. This past full moon I was feeling irritated and short-tempered, and that can easily be translated into a argument with someone you love. So I'm taking an extra few breaths before starting anything or saying anything, and really assessing where it's coming from. Physically, Lindsay mentions that drinking big amounts of water is a must, so I'm being aware of that as well. I'm also finding lower intensity exercise more suitable for my body around that time. If you're a lady, try to keep track of your menstrual cycle alongside the moon cycle- this could bring other difficulties and growth opportunities to the front ;-)

At the moment I'm using Ezzie Spencer's moon calendar to keep an eye on what's going on, where I should be setting intention etc., you can find it here.

And I've also listened to this podcast by The Healthy Maven, which has peaked some more interest regarding wellness and astrology.

Have you noticed changes in your body or emotions with the moon cycle? How do you deal with it?

Let me know in the chat box :-)

Love always,