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How Appreciation Changes The Game


"The recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something"

This past weekend my dearest mom came to visit me in Cape Town, and the revelation I had was that there is great power in appreciating all there is in our lives.

Now, I often work with gratitude- I make a point of saying thank you for all I have, keeping a journal, and always reminding myself how grateful I can be for what I have in my life. But appreciation brings a level of depth to this practice.

When we truly appreciate the people, the things, all the moments in our life, it's like adding a huge extra cup of love to gratitude.

The most amazing thing I love about delving into appreciation is that it grounds me in the present moment. When we truly appreciate the person, the book, the cup of coffee we're drinking, it means we are in a blissful bubble where we tune into whatever is giving us such delight.

I know we hear this all the time- but trust me, it's because there is such truth behind the notion of being in the present moment.

The harder part: Being appreciative of the moments that don't give us delight. We can still appreciate the difficulty, because when we appreciate the difficulty we are accepting and showing a willingness to accept the challenge, and to change what we don't like. That is powerful. We are powerful.

Appreciation changes the game by lovingly driving us into a space where we choose to see the good qualities. And that can never be a bad thing.

How are you going to bring appreciation into your life?

Let me know if you feel any different.

Love always,



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