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To My Father- An Avid Learner, And My Life Long Teacher.

My dearest father- a friend, a teacher, a challenger, an inspiration, a soul mate, and the ultimate safe space.

When I moved to Cape Town just over three years ago, I wrote this poem for my dad. It's easy to forget how we felt in the big moments of our life- that's why I love journaling and poetry so dearly. I stumble upon all sorts of words every other day, and I smile shyly and happily, knowing and remembering those feeling of love and fear and every wonderful thing in between.

My watching father

As I lay asleep

From young to now

I know he watches me

Kisses me

Tells me he loves me

More than anything in this world

It must be hard

Watching your baby grow up

Making her own decisions

Moving away from under your arm

Its hard too

Being the one growing up

Making your own decisions

Moving away from under his arm

As my father lets me go

I have peace

For I know

letting go is not an end

Love lets go

It makes peace

But it’s always there

Letting go

Is not losing

My watching father

Whom I love more than anything in this world

I do miss you kissing me

Telling me you love me

But I have peace

For I know you still watch over me

I have a heart full of gratitude for you

It's filling up my being

I give myself over to a world more distanced from you

For I feel the light shining over my shoulder

That you have given me

and continue to do

My watching father

I have all the love for you


Love always,



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