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Love Letter

To Yourself That It Is.

It can be incredibly tough to love ourselves- truly love and accept who we are- and how magnificent we are.


1. Find just one thing that you love about yourself. Try and think of something that you love, not something that people always compliment you on.

2. Now- write yourself a love letter, it doesn't have to be long, just write to yourself about the one thing that you chose to love today.

3. Last step- reread this letter every day for a week, and really focus your energy on that positive thing for the week to come.

My love letter for this week:

Dear Gente,

This week I am so loving your dedication. I love that you have taken time to write, to study, to take care of yourself, and your dedication to the journey of self-discovery. I love you so much for sticking to your path.

Love, Gente

Let me know how it goes??

Love always,



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