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Setting An Intention For Your Week Ahead

I'll be honest, setting an intention is something I sort of just heard and picked up from my parents and some of their friends, it stuck and I started doing it. I can't give you a philosophical background of what it means and where it came from, but I can tell you that I have had many experiences where my intentions have manifested.

Here's how I like to understand it:

I set intentions either by speaking them aloud, or writing them on a paper and putting them somewhere safe. When I do this I imagine sending a little message to the universe (you can send it to the higher power you believe in), and then I let it go and watch it unfold.

I know this seems too simple- but I often feel that overcomplicating things doesn't get me anywhere- so I just have a little faith instead :-)

Moving to Cape Town and meeting my boyfriend were two of my most powerful manifestations that I watched unfold, it was amazing. However- setting intentions does not have to be linked to some big life-changing event, it could be simple.

My intentions for this week:

  • I set an intention to be present in my relationships.

  • I set an intention to take care of myself, and love myself.

  • I set an intention to be productive and pay attention to my work and my studies.

  • I set an intention to be creative.

Not rocket science, right?

I like writing them down on a piece of paper and putting them somewhere that I'll see them- this helps me to be aware of the intentions I set, and to hold myself lovingly accountable in my actions.

What are some of your intentions for the week?

Love always