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Loving Your Space.

The space in which we live is so incredibly important for our wellbeing and happiness. It can be a reflection of what we are feeling inside, or it can inspire us to change and adjust- to be a little more inspired and present.

Now I know that Pinterest, Instagram and Home magazines offer us plenty of eye candy and can leave us feeling lustful- sometimes even discouraged, because we don't all live in a mansion with perfectly curated design. But, you don't need all that. You just need you, and some redecoration.

At the moment I am living in a beautiful home that I adore and am grateful for- but, no matter how beautiful it is, it still takes energy from me to keep it clean and to create a beautiful and homey feeling, a feeling that I like to be in. This takes some amount of work and time, but trust me it's worth it!

For me, a happy space cultivates a happy heart.

1. Keep it CLEAN.

Easier said than done! I'm working very hard on this one. A clean space just allows me to breathe easy, and saves me tons of anxiety. I make a conscious choice to suck it up and clean the space, rather than look at it and feel overwhelmed and groggy and jump underneath my covers for safety.

2. Light a candle or incense.

I am a huge fan of incense. I light at least one in my house when I get home after work. I open the windows and allow fresh air to rush through, and the incense revitalizes the house after being locked up for hours.

3. Pretty, and simple.

You don't need a bunch of expensive fancy decor to brighten up your house. Use whatever you have, whatever makes you feel happy. Move your beloved pieces around the house, paint something to put on your wall, pick a flower on your walk to the shop, pick up pretty stones. Anything. At the end of the day it is mostly about your loving energy that you have put into your space.

Your energy is in your space- make sure it is an energy that you love, energy you want to be around, energy that inspires you.

**Even if you don't live alone, even if you share a room with someone- create a corner that is yours. A little piece of yourself in this space.

Have a happy time creating your safe space beautiful.

Love always,




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