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When Tired- Stop, Rest, Love. Then Go Again.

A constant in our lives seems to be that we are 'very very busy' and 'very very tired'. We speak these words without so much as a thought- and besides that, we are almost never working on changing that phrase that we complain about.

Challenge Nr.1: Try not to say 'busy' or 'tired' this week.

This week to follow I am challenging myself to think before I talk- simply changing my words and the intention behind them. Instead of saying "Oh ja, so busy, you know" I might say: "There is a lot to be done, and I am enjoying the challenge of getting it done".

Just so- instead of saying "Ugh I am so tired" I will try to say: "I am feeling overwhelmed, but I look forward to taking some time to take care of myself and rest."

Challenge Nr. 2: Take some time to rest.

There is no shame in the fact that I am human, and that I have a certain capacity- a capacity to deal with my life, and those around me. Sometimes, more than other times, I get overwhelmed by all there is to do, and all there is to deal with emotionally and psychologically.

What doesn't help at these times of overwhelm?

Me bullying myself and denying myself love and a chance to rest before getting back on track.

Therefor, I'm challenging myself to recognize when I need a time-out, and take that time-out to rest and practice self-love.

This does not need to be a day at the spa. It can simply be taking five minutes to breathe deeply and repeat some affirmations. But, I will also have to recognize when I need more than that. It is okay to reach out for help- meet someone who elates you, go see an energetic healer, get a massage.

Listen to your gut- follow your heart.

Allow yourself to fill up your cup, guilt-free.

Let me know how you get on with these challenges :-)

Love Always,