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I like that it sounds like the next pop song- but when you're in it, that's the last thing that pops into your mind. 

On Monday afternoon I was in a car accident while driving four young girls home from school. It happened both slowly and quickly, and it was a bizarre experience.

Was it fun? No. Was everything okay? Yes. 

People might make a comment like "Whoah, what a Monday!" , but for me it was just "Whoah, what a moment".

Mondays- a day many people hate, and possibly feel boom-crash about after a blissful weekend. A day that takes so much flack. And I understand that- weekends are amazing! We feel free and wild, we forget about the pressures, we forget about the lives we chose that we ended up disliking. On weekends we get to pretend and disconnect. 

But we have an absolute choice and power within ourselves to stay connected, without pain and unhappiness. 

Our days are a blessing we receive every day, every moment we receive is a blessing; a blessing we have the power to turn into something worthwhile. 

It's hard, so hard. It's terrifying to be in a scary and painful moment. But we are all supported and loved, even by people we don't know- people are willing to help, and people show up when we need them. And if they don't- we all have ourselves to show up, for ourselves. 

I extend an invitation to you, to hold your own hand today, to have your own back today- even if you manage to do it in only one moment of your day. Show up for yourself. 

And in that moment boom-crash could be your pop song spurring you on. 

Love always,