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About Me

Hi Beautiful,

Thank you for your interest in who I am and what my story is. 


My name is Gente, I am a 26 year old curious and loving mind. I have completed my studies to become a counsellor through SACAP, as well as completed a course to become an Energy Healer with the School of Intuition and Healing. Those are my passions. Alongside this I am a wife, and mom to a beautiful girl, taking care of my schnauzer and whippet and our beautiful home, and discovering what this crazy and beautiful life is all about. 


On my blog you will learn many things about me over the course of this journey. But the nutshell version is that I struggled with Lyme disease, and this illness in my body gave me many opportunities to learn more about myself, and pushed me in many ways to change and grow, it feels in the distant pass. My new journey is navigating motherhood, and helping others on their journey of healing.


In this space I hope to tackle many questions and issues, share things I have learnt and am curious about, and create a safe space for people to share or feel comforted.  

We all deserve a safe space, we are all worthy of this. 

Much love,

Gente xx